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To the uninitiated, the exhaustive possibilites of glittering pendants and charms will seem daunting. But no fear! Dr Charlton DeRyan is on hand to aid all aspiring gangsters with integral fashion choices. 

The sensitive young man faces many challenges, not least the pinpoint precision needed to navigate the highly prejudiced world of couture. Combine this with the already monumental task facing the aspiring gangster, and our struggling heroes (that’s you, sensitive souls) are most probably gibbering wrecks, shivering under a wholesale pile of 2011 style, bejewelled superman necklaces.

‘Last Year’ – Anachronistic couture

In this article, we will establish the basics of Urban Couture, with parallel psychoanalytic explanations of how these accessories underpin the integrity of the sensitive young man.

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Gold! Always believe in your soul!

Nothing says gangster like gold. Nothing. A staple not just of ganster attire, gold has been popular since the emergence of the Aztec Empire roughly 3000 years ago. Hip-Hop music of the gangster persuasion has long held this ancient culture in high esteem, reflected by the widespread success and popularity of acts such as Aztek Escobar and Aztec Tribe. The love of this precious metal goes even further however, with numerous songs devoted to ‘Gold Digging’, the actual process of extracting the mineral ore from the earth.

Mineral Ore Extraction Expert

But why is gold so popular? Whilst your first thought may be to the representation of immense wealth, gold is traditionally worn for its courage promoting properties and the manner it reflects the beauty of one’s eyes. Gold is also the colour of the optimist, an outlook strongly desired by the sensitive young man.

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Tom of Finland; Artist, Finnish, Socialite… gay?

We are all fans of Tom of Finland; Which sensitive young man can prevent their head turning at his detailed pencil drawings, their artful curves, their stirring images of society’s protectors? The career of Touko Laaksonen (real name – ed) is prodigious indeed, having creating over 3500 works celebrating the armed forces and the honest man’s working day. But a recent controversial article written by John Ronald, former professor of art history at Oxford University, has questioned Touko’s sexuality and the true meaning of his art. SPOCSYM is on hand to analyse the evidence of both sides and ascertain the truth of Ronald’s bold claims.

Artful Curves

Voice of the Uniform?

Tom of Finland earned his fame with his bold depictions of the uniformed man, at both rest and work. Chronicling the day to day business of these honourable men was his apparent goal. His respect for these men was stoked into a defensive inferno with the Vietnam War and the consequent surge in anti-war protests. A great swathe of the public rejected their own forces on seeing the realities of armed conflict, a fact with which Touko was both mystified and horrified.

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