everyday I make my way

through the streets of your town

Hey hey hey. This blog is a platform for SPOCSYM, the society for the prevention of cruelty to sensitive young men.

Our aim is to provide an emotional support for London’s sensitive souls, a framework to better deal with the suffocating weight of seven million people.

This website hopefully will become a distillation, a concentration of our mutual interests, where like-minded individuals can find solace and reprieve from the too-oft insensitive city.

I was walking home the other day and was accosted by some youths; they were kicking a football and every third or forth pass, they would aim at me. I imagined, despite my complete confrontational impotence, a moment of glory where I grabbed the ball and kicked it four rows of houses down. This was accompanied by a witty and biting quip that, even a week after the event, I cannot think of.

This is what SPOCSYM is for I suppose. If that last paragraph of nonsense makes sense, then you’re in.

Current contributors include Rudolf Nureyev and Dr Charlton DeRyan. Click on their names to link to their respective articles.

Any comments, suggestions and kiss or hug requests can be sent to spocsym@gmail.com