To the uninitiated, the exhaustive possibilites of glittering pendants and charms will seem daunting. But no fear! Dr Charlton DeRyan is on hand to aid all aspiring gangsters with integral fashion choices. 

The sensitive young man faces many challenges, not least the pinpoint precision needed to navigate the highly prejudiced world of couture. Combine this with the already monumental task facing the aspiring gangster, and our struggling heroes (that’s you, sensitive souls) are most probably gibbering wrecks, shivering under a wholesale pile of 2011 style, bejewelled superman necklaces.

‘Last Year’ – Anachronistic couture

In this article, we will establish the basics of Urban Couture, with parallel psychoanalytic explanations of how these accessories underpin the integrity of the sensitive young man.

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Gold! Always believe in your soul!

Nothing says gangster like gold. Nothing. A staple not just of ganster attire, gold has been popular since the emergence of the Aztec Empire roughly 3000 years ago. Hip-Hop music of the gangster persuasion has long held this ancient culture in high esteem, reflected by the widespread success and popularity of acts such as Aztek Escobar and Aztec Tribe. The love of this precious metal goes even further however, with numerous songs devoted to ‘Gold Digging’, the actual process of extracting the mineral ore from the earth.

Mineral Ore Extraction Expert

But why is gold so popular? Whilst your first thought may be to the representation of immense wealth, gold is traditionally worn for its courage promoting properties and the manner it reflects the beauty of one’s eyes. Gold is also the colour of the optimist, an outlook strongly desired by the sensitive young man.

Further meaning can be wrought from the very properties of gold: It is the most maleable of all metals, and thus worn to reflect this quality in one’s personality, indicative of a pliable and tolerant nature.

No-one does Gold better than Richard Walters, aka Slick Rick. With such heartfelt songs as Teenage Love, Hey Young World and Children’s Story, it is easy to see why Walters is often described as the ‘Sensitive One’.

The Sensitive One – pliable and tolerant nature

His heart on his sleeve, and his gold everywhere else, you can’t go wrong with emulating Richard Walters. Take note friends!


Frowning Snowman Magnetic Earrings – Glamour, Gold and no painful piercings!

Teddy Bear Pendant Necklace – Release your inner wild! Roar!

Gold Anti-Tarnish Polishing Cloth – Keep that gold as bright as your smile!

Diamonds: Just Icing on the Cake?

As Norma sang in the SPOCSYM theme tune, Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. They also are a gangster’s, as wailed over the fence by Fabolous (sp.) in his yet-to-wake sleeper hit Diamonds.

At first glance, the popularity of the glittering graphite construct would appear to be from the etymology of the word diamond itself. From the greek, αδάμας (adamas), meaning unbreakable, it is easy to imagine the hyper–emotional individual hoping for that character to rub off, and where better to rub off than directly over the emotional centre of the body, the heart– thus the prevalence in diamond pendants amongst gangster folk.

Fabolous (sp.) hoping his heart will accrue through diffusion, the unbreakable properties of diamonds.

However, Fabolous (sp.) makes headway in a deeper understanding of why the diamond should be the the accoutrement de choice amongst this community. He elucidates in Diamonds:

…you can call me the light man

(diamonds on my damn chain)

you can call me the bright man…

Fabolous’ (sp.) directs us toward the prismic properties of this mineral, the brilliant manner in which it refracts light. Coupled with the cultural significance of light as purity, the adoption of diamonds in couture speaks of a desire to transcend the base impulses of humankind, and become a light man, a bright man. Perhaps even a sensitive (young) man? The budding sartorialist would do well to emulate the aspirations of Fabolous (sp.)!


Diamond Winged Horse Belt Buckle – the Pegasus to your Bellerophon!

Eiffel Tower Pendant – Unbreakable interest in architecture!

Grill that Insecurity!

Find me a spocsym trooper unaware of the meaning of teeth in dreams! Every sensitive young man is of course familiar with the mouth, and specifically teeth, as the region of the body most burdened by insecurity. Were you to claim never to have covered your mouth when giggling at the Muppets, I would wonder whether an ill–meaning cuckoo had hatched in our nest!

The gangster community has found a unique solution to the ubiquitous problem of teeth anxiety however; teeth grillz, (or more properly, grills). By drawing attention to the buccal region, rather than hiding behind our slender hands, we effectively say to all potential naysayers ‘I embrace my sensitivity’.

Lil Wayne – embracing sensitivity

There are many fine role models adopting this tactic: Lil Wayne, Lil Jon, Lil Scrappy; It is pleasantly possible to name these sensitive warriors until the return of our bovine friends.

Among them, the elephantine Nelly stands out as a bastion of oral-based anxiety defence, going as far as penning Grillz, a spelling–mistake riddled anthem on the sparkling enamel adornments.

Nelly – Elephantine spelling issues

However, be warned Spocsym folk! Teeth grills are not for the faintest souls amongst our number due to the attention you will curry from the tough world beyond. If you believe you can handle the rolling eyes of hundreds of regular folk, then go ahead and ‘open up ya mouth, ya grill gleamin‘. Perhaps you too could have your ‘mouth lookin like a disco ball‘.


Dual Colour Customised Name Playa Grills – The finest way to share your mother’s pet name for you!

Red Domination Chequered Grillz – Assert your favourite colour on every morsel consumed!

Silver Style Playa Grills – Start quietly in second place!

Last Words:

One’s first forays into the murky waters of urban fashion can be dauting to say the least. I hope this article has gone a small distance in clearing the filthy aqua of gangster couture, even if the change has only been from a fully opaque Dakota Loam, to a barely translucent Sedona Brown.

I will leave you with wise words of Urban Fashion veteran Robert Kelly:

Someone’s gonna wear your clothes,

this is a warning,

Someone’s gonna fit your shoes,

this is a warning.

Warning heeded Robert. We’ll make sure it’s us.